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Heavy parts – gentle storage

Integrated crane handling makes it easier to store heavy goods in the storage system

Hannover, 03.18.2014. Storing heavy loads or bulky goods generally takes time and additional equipment. With the new Shuttle XP 1000, Kardex Remstar supplies an overhead crane mounted on the unit. The integrated crane handling leads to improved efficiency and ergonomics during production and maintenance.

Whether engines, car doors, large valves, heavy pumps, or machine tools – the fast retrieval of heavy or bulky goods increases productivity during the manufacturing process, and also increases efficiency during maintenance. With the new Shuttle XP 1000, the intralogistics supplier Kardex Remstar is introducing a space-saving solution to the market with a factory-mounted overhead crane especially for such applications. As a result, heavy parts can be stored ergonomically, safely, and quickly, and retrieved accurately. The parts are placed directly in the trays of the Shuttle XP 1000 with the help of the crane. The crane is powered electrically and connected to the load profile of the Shuttle XP 1000. It can be maneuvered into position in front of the tray runner to pick up the heavy goods from the floor or from a pallet.

No more waiting times
The integrated crane on the storage system – unlike a hall crane – is permanently available. As such, waiting times are a thing of the past for warehouse and production staff, as is the need to keep an additional unit on hand for storing and retrieving the necessary parts.

Market-oriented solution
The new Shuttle XP 1000 storage lift from Kardex Remstar, with integrated crane handling, is unique on the market. With this solution, the intralogistics supplier is reacting to the specific requirements of the mechanical engineering, automotive, oil and gas, and maintenance industries. The compact design of the storage unit reduces the size of the footprint needed for storage by up to 80 percent. The freed-up space can then be used to expand production.

Flexible storage system
Frequent production changeovers make it necessary to optimize the internal material flow, and this also becomes a competitive factor. The new Shuttle XP 1000, with integrated crane handling, optimally accommodates increasing flexibility in production. If there are changes in production, the storage lift can be relocated without effort. Special foundations are not necessary for installing the unit.

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