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Innovative fire protection for the storage of electrical components

Innovative fire protection for the storage of electrical components

ENGEL Elektroantriebe GmbH is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of components and systems used in electric drive technology for industrial applications. The manufacturer’s portfolio includes motors, drive systems, and control units, which are produced at the company’s main factory in Walluf on an area covering more than 2,800 square meters.

The components and individual parts needed to produce the electric drive systems must be available quickly and at all times in the assembly area. In addition, in the event of a fire it must be ensured that the source is extinguished immediately without damaging the stored parts. This is made possible by a Shuttle XP 700 with integrated fire protection from Kardex Remstar.

The storage unit is accessible on three floors and equipped with comprehensive fire protection so that neither the components nor the unit are damaged in the event of a fire.

How it works: During normal operation an aspirating smoke detector permanently takes air samples from within the unit and tests them for smoke particles. If the concentration exceeds a set limit, an acoustic and visual alarm is set off and gas floods the unit. Automatic activation is delayed so that anyone in the danger area can escape first.

The special thing about this system: The unit works with nitrogen, an inert gas which is residue-free and hardly reacts with other substances. As such, the stored goods are not damaged by the extinguishing process. In the event of a fire the gas is released within the entire storage unit at minimal pressure through special nozzle jets and the fire is efficiently extinguished.

The advantages of the solution at a glance:

  • Stored goods and the storage unit are not damaged in the event of a fire
  • Innovative alarm system for immediate detection of smoke
  • Turnkey solution for storage unit and fire protection from one single source
  • Fast and safe order picking
  • Access openings on three floors