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The “pallet-to-person” principle

Kardex Remstar is redefining pallet storage

Hannover, 03.18.2014. Space-saving storage and fast retrieval of pallets – this is easily possible with storage systems from Kardex Remstar. Pallet storage is even a standard feature on the new Shuttle XP 1000 storage lift.

Traditional pallet storage on static shelving takes up a lot of space and involves a great deal of moving around. With the Shuttle XP 1000, however, pallets can be densely stored and rapidly retrieved as part of a space-saving, ordered, and properly organized system. On pallet racking, for instance, 45 m2 are needed to store 50 Euro-pallets, whereas only 16 m2 are needed with the Shuttle.

Dual pallet storage
Instead of driving to the pallet, the pallet in the Kardex Remstar storage system comes to the access opening at the touch of a button. Once there, it can be easily and ergonomically removed by the warehouse personnel. With the help of a tray extractor, the pallet can be conveniently moved into position for a forklift truck or pallet truck to transport it elsewhere. Not just one pallet, but two next to each other can be stored lengthways without any problems. In doing so, the pallets are lowered onto special trays. Each tray on the Shuttle XP 1000 has a load capacity of up to 1,000 kg.

Greater throughput, fewer mistakes
Thanks to the “pallet-to-person” principle, throughput can be increased by at least 50 percent. The distances driven and walked by warehouse personnel are cut dramatically and the goods can be found and retrieved more quickly. Mistakes are also avoided when retrieving goods. The Logicontrol 200 unit control system from Kardex Remstar is integrated as standard to facilitate simple and straightforward warehouse management. Depending on the design, the return on investment can be realized in one to two years.

Ideal for production and maintenance
Owing to their compact structure, the storage systems from Kardex Remstar are suitable for integrating into an assembly line, guaranteeing just-in-time retrieval of stored parts, such as motors, pumps, or valves. In the mechanical engineering, automotive, or oil & gas sectors, the Shuttle XP 1000 not only demonstrates its strength in production areas, but also in the area of maintenance. It also proves beneficial for third-party logistics (3PL) due to the small amount of space it needs and the orderly storage and retrieval of goods.

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